Natural England - Our role

Our role

As the Government’s statutory adviser on land in England, Natural England assesses whether land is outstanding, advises on appropriate conditions, monitors exempt property to ensure that conditions are met, and advises on integrated land management and proposals for change.

We assess whether land is outstanding and therefore eligible for conditional exemption, and advise on appropriate conditions (known as undertakings).

We monitor conditionally exempt land to ensure that the conditions are met and advise HM Revenue & Customs who have the power to remove exemptions if conditions are not met.

We also provide advice on integrated land management and proposals for change.

Assessment of outstanding land

Our knowledge of the range of landscape type and quality throughout England provides a benchmark for assessing land.

Our professionally qualified staff receive special training for this work and use a standard assessment process to ensure consistency across the country. We consider a range of criteria including rarity, whether the site is representative of its type, cultural value, consensus of opinion, aesthetic appeal and condition.