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Priority catchments

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The Capital Grant Scheme is only available in certain areas.

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See the map (PDF): (2.98mb)pdf document to find out if you are in priority catchment.

Detailed maps

Detailed maps for individual catchments can be viewed on the MAGIC websiteexternal link.

On MAGIC, select the ‘interactive map’ tab then for Step 1 “What data you wish to view” select the ‘Rural Designations-Other’ button and for Step 2 “Where do you want to go” enter the postcode. This will load a map that will show if your land is in a priority catchment or catchment partnership and CGS target area.

You may need to turn off some of the other designations using the ‘List of Layers’ button next to the map to see the land area more clearly.

Green hatching shows the Priority Catchments, Blue hatching shows the Catchment Partnerships and Brown hatching shows Capital Grant Scheme (CGS) target areas.

Catchment priority funding statements

Anglian North

Anglian South


Northumbria and Solway Tweed



South West

Thames and South East

Please contact your local Catchment Sensitive Farming officer: (193kb)pdf document to discuss your application.