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Country Parks

Natural England recognises country parks as significant places that contribute to England's accessible natural greenspace.

Many are located near or within towns and cities and therefore close to where people live. All provide a wide range of opportunities for recreation, health and education and improve the quality of life for their local communities.

Country Parks were established as a result of the 1968 Countryside Act and there are currently more than 400 sites that call themselves Country Parks in England. They are visited by over 70 million visitors a year.

Find a Country Park

You can usually find details of your local sites from your local authorities or local tourist information centres.

The role of Natural England

Natural England's interest in country parks is underpinned by many years of research and achievement by its founding organisations.

Country Parks Accreditation - In 2009 Natural England established an Accreditation Scheme to identify and recognise sites that deliver the core facilities and services expected of a Country Park. Find out more and/or apply.

We support the Country Parks Network as a network for managers of country parks and related sites to develop and share good practice. Whether you’re a site manager, worker or someone wishing to keep in touch with sector developments, we would recommend you join the Network. It's free!

Our current activities have been influenced by the review “Towards a Country Parks Renaissance".

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