Natural England - Country Parks in the West Midlands

Country Parks in the West Midlands

All known Country Parks are shown, with Accredited Country Parks and Green Flag Award winners highlighted. While they will still be great places to visit, sites without the Accredited Country Park logo have not yet demonstrated they offer visitors all the facilities and services expected of an Accredited Country Park.

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Where they are available, the live links from Country Park names will take you to sites outside the Natural England website, where content is not managed by us.


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Queenswoodexternal link


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Colemereexternal link
Granvilleexternal link
The Mere at Ellesmereexternal link
Severn Valleyexternal link


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Apedale Communityexternal link
Baggeridgeexternal link
Bathpoolaccredited symbol
Branston Water Parkexternal link
Biddulph Grangeexternal link
Cannock Chaseexternal link
Consall Nature Parkexternal link
Deep Hayesexternal link
Greenway Bankexternal link
Highgate Commonexternal link
Ilam Estateexternal link
Ladderedgeexternal link
Park Hallexternal linkaccredited symbol  


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Burton Dassettexternal link
Coombeexternal linkaccredited symbol
Draycote Waterexternal link
Hartshill Hayesexternal link
Kingsbury Water Parkexternal link
Newbold Comynexternal link
Newbold Quarryexternal link
Pooleyexternal link
Ryton Poolsexternal linkaccredited symbol
Swift Valleyexternal link

West Midlands

NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Chasewaterexternal link
Kingfisherexternal link
Newhall Valleyexternal linkaccredited symbol 
Roughwoodexternal link
Sandwell Valleyexternal linkaccredited symbol 
Sheldonexternal link
Sutton Parkexternal link
The Shireexternal link
Woodgate Valleyexternal linkaccredited symbol


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Arrow Valleyexternal linkgreen flag symbol
Broadway Towerexternal link
Clent Hillsexternal link
Kingsfordexternal link
Lickey Hillsexternal linkaccredited symbol
Windmill and Waseley Hillsexternal linkaccredited symbol
Worcester Woodsexternal linkaccredited symbol