Natural England - Country Parks in the South East

Country Parks in the South East

All known Country Parks are shown, with Accredited Country Parks and Green Flag Award winners highlighted. While they will still be great places to visit, sites without the Accredited Country Park logo have not yet demonstrated they offer visitors all the facilities and services expected of an Accredited Country Park.

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Where they are available, the live links from Country Park names will take you to sites outside the Natural England website, where content is not managed by us.


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Californiaexternal link
Dinton Pasturesexternal link
Snelsmore Commonexternal link


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Black Parkexternal linkgreen flag symbol
Denhamexternal link
Embertonexternal link
Langley Parkexternal linkgreen flag symbol
Thorney Parkexternal link

East Sussex

NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Crowboroughexternal link
Ditchling Commonexternal link 
Forest Wayexternal link
Hastingsexternal link
Seven Sistersexternal link
Shinewater Parkexternal link
Stanmer Park


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Alver Valleyexternal link
Calshot Spitexternal link
Farley Mountexternal link
Holbury Manor Ponds
Holly Hill Woodlandexternal link 
Itchen Valleyexternal link
Lakesideexternal link
Lepeexternal linkaccredited symbol 
Manor Farmexternal link
(formerly Upper Hamble)
accredited symbol 
Queen Elizabethexternal linkaccredited symbol
Royal Victoriaexternal linkaccredited symbol green flag symbol 
Southampton Commonexternal link 
Stauntonexternal linkaccredited symbol green flag symbol
Yateley Commonexternal link

Isle of Wight

NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Fort Victoriaexternal link
Golden Hillexternal link
Robin Hill


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Bartons Pointexternal link
Beacon Woodexternal link
Brockhillexternal link
Church Marshes
Capstone Farmexternal linkgreen flag symbol
East Cliff and Warrenexternal link
Darenthexternal link
Eastcourt Meadowsexternal link
Fowlmeadexternal link
Haysdenexternal linkaccredited symbol
Jeskynsexternal link 
Leysdown Coastalexternal link
Leybourne Lakesexternal linkaccredited symbol
Lower Leas Coastalexternal link
Lullingstone and Preston Hillexternal linkgreen flag symbol 
Manor Parkexternal linkgreen flag symbol  
Peene Quarryexternal link
Pegwell Bayexternal link
Ranscombe Farmexternal link
Reculverexternal linkgreen flag symbol 
Riversideexternal linkgreen flag symbol  
Romney Warrenexternal link
Samphire Hoeexternal link 
Shorne Woodexternal linkgreen flag symbol 
Swanscombe Heritage Parkexternal link
Teston Bridgeexternal link 
Trosleyexternal link
White Horse Woodexternal link


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Shotoverexternal link
Spiceballexternal link


NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Box Hillexternal link
Brickfieldsexternal link
Frenshamexternal link
Fox Cornerexternal link
Hortonexternal link
Lakeside Nature Reserveexternal link
Lightwaterexternal link
Pewley Down Nature Reserveexternal link
Riverside Nature Reserveexternal link 

West Sussex

NameAccreditedGreen Flag
Buchanexternal linkgreen flag symbol 
Goodwood Estateexternal link
Southwaterexternal link
Tilgateexternal link
West Dean Estate
Worth Wayexternal link