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Neighbourhoods Green

Social housing equates to about 17% of the total UK housing stock; housing 8.2 million people. Significant green and open spaces surround social housing and in some areas, this is estimated to be equal to, or even greater than, the amount of green space owned and managed by the local authority. For many residents their best opportunity to engage with the natural world is to access the green space on their doorsteps.

Planting shrubs and wildflowers on Meadows Estate © Neighbourhoods Green

What does Neighbourhoods Green do?

Neighbourhoods Green works with the social housing sector at a national level to promote the benefits of green space. It offers an excellent opportunity for communities to shape the green space on their doorsteps, promoting better health, well-being and social inclusion, increasing biodiversity and preparing for climate change.

Who is involved in the partnership?

The project is funded by Natural England, The Green Flag Plus Partnership, Groundwork and The National Housing Federation. As well as being a key funder of Neighbourhoods Green, Natural England supports partnership activities in local communities. The project is also supported by Design Council Cabe, the Landscape Institute, The Royal Horticultural Society and the Wildlife Trusts.

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