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Countryside Directory

Our Countryside Directory contains links and contact details of most of the main organisations that are involved with, or have an interest in, the countryside. We have included links to many smaller organisations to help you to get more out of your visit to the countryside - all from the comfort of your desktop. If you know of an organisation that should be added, contact us and let us know.

Activities and outdoor sports

Everything from cycling, riding and canoeing to walking, sailing and swimming ... more information 

Accommodation and transport

Advice on how to search for accommodation and help you get where you want to go ... more information


 England’s birds, bees, bats and other creatures you may come across in the countryside ... more information

Landscapes and ecosystems

Investigate wetlands, woodlands, moorlands and mountains without leaving home ... more information 

Countryside organisations

Where to go for more information on many of the organisations dedicated to the countryside ... more information

Education and safety

Discover learning resources, field studies and rescue services ... more information