Natural England - Wren's Nest (SSSI and NNR)

Wren's Nest (SSSI and NNR)

Location and Access Information
Grid Reference: SO 937920

Ripple beds in Silurian limestone

Ripple beds in Silurian limestone

Wrens Nest is a National Nature Reserve with open access situated in Dudley. There is a car park adjacent to the Reserve, and a regular bus service.

Further information on the Reserve can be found on the Wren's Nest NNR page and on Dudley Metropolitan Borough Councilexternal link.

Geological interest

This site is of exceptional importance particularly for rocks of Lower Silurian (443-417 million years ago) age. The site represents former quarries in the Wenlock Limestone, which was used as a building material, fertiliser and for use in the iron and steel industry. The shallow water Wenlock Limestone at this locality has yielded a very rich, diverse and superbly preserved fossil fauna. Brachiopods, trilobites, sea-lilies (crinoids) and bivalves are particularly well represented. One particularly well known trilobite is Calymene blumenbachii, which because it was so commonly found became known as the ‘Dudley Locust’ and attracted sufficient attention to become a local emblem. Fossils from Wren’s Nest have been discussed and figured in scores of publications from the 18th century onwards and have allowed the recognition of innumerable species new to science, for which this is their type locality.