Natural England - Newtondale


Location and Access Information
Grid Reference: SE 820915.

View across Newtondale.

View across Newtondale.

Located in the North Yorkshire Moors, north of Pickering, the long meandering valley of Newtondale can be best appreciated by taking the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which runs through the valley, from either Pickering or Grosmont. There are stations in the valley at Newtondale and Levisham where access to walks and Newtondale Forest can be gained. Alternatively, there is an excellent view of the valley from the A169 at the Hole of Horcum, 5km north of Lockton.

Geological Interest

The deeply incised valley of Newtondale is occupied by Pickering Beck, a small stream that could not have formed today’s large valley. The misfit between stream and valley is considered to be due to the carving of Newtondale by a much larger river that issued from a large glacial lake. The lake was formed by meltwater from the retreat of the last ice-sheets of the Devensian Glacial some 13,000 years ago by water draining from the Esk Valley. However, there is also some suggestion that the valley formed, at least in part, beneath the ice-sheet prior to melting and the formation of the lake.