Natural England - Sedgwick Trail

Sedgwick Trail

Location and Access Information
Grid Reference: SD 695 912

The trail starts at the car park at the above grid reference. A guide to the trail has been published by Yorkshire Dales National Park/Trail series and is available from Yorkshire Dales National Park visitor centres.

Geological Interest

The Sedgewick Geological Trail explains the geology of the Dent Fault near Sedbergh. The fault is a major fracture in the earths crust and formed about 290 million years ago, during a period of mountain building known as the Variscan Orogeny. Adam Sedgwick, a pioneering geologist, was the first to discover this important fault. The rocks exposed along the trail are of Silurian age (443 to 417 million years old) and comprise shales which yield fossil brachiopods and graptolites (an extinct group of planktonic, colonial animals).