Natural England - East Dartmoor: want to get involved?

East Dartmoor: want to get involved?

East Dartmoor Nature Reserve is a ‘living laboratory’ with a long-history of scientific research and monitoring undertaken by staff, volunteers, universities and students of all ages.

It is a very special place to learn about wildlife. Natural England has an ongoing education and community engagement programme in addition to public events and activities.

The reserve has new classroom facility at the old Yarrow copper mine and a special schools programme, and also welcomes visits from other community groups.

See also our section on information for students and teachers. We provide information on places that schools can visit, resources for lessons, and contacts for other relevant information.

There are many opportunities to get involved in managing the reserve; from helping with events and visiting groups or monitoring wildlife and historic features. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the reserve office on 01626 832330 for more details.

Visit our section on volunteering with Natural England