Natural England - Kinder Scout NNR

Kinder Scout NNR

The famous plateau of Kinder Scout is located in the heart of the Peak District and is one of the most familiar and accessible upland landscapes in Britain.

Kinder Scout

copyright: Nick Spurling

County: Derbyshire

Main habitats: Upland habitats including blanket bog and sub-alpine dwarf shrub heath

Area: 700ha

Kinder Scout was officially declared a National Nature Reserve on 11 October 2009, making it the region’s most recent NNR.

Kinder comprises around 700 hectares of various upland habitats, including blanket bog and sub-alpine dwarf shrub heath, and also supports several upland breeding birds, notably species of birds of prey and waders, curlew and ring ouzel. Restoration of its habitats is a key objective not just for nature conservation but also for the wider benefits to people such as improving water quality and retaining carbon in peat soils.

It is among the most popular upland areas in England for walkers and holds a special affection as the site of the famous 1932 Mass Trespass - a catalyst for the creation of our National Parks.