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Wicken Fen NNR

Wicken Fen supports a wide range of characteristic fenland communities and is notable for its many different animals and plants. The site is also important in a European context for its mixed fen characterised by purple moor-grass.

Wicken fen NNR

County: Cambridgeshire

Main habitat: Fen

Management: Although most NNRs are managed by Natural England, some are wholly or partly managed by other bodies approved under Section 35 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Wicken Fen is owned and managed by the National Trust. Large areas of the site are cut and gathered each year, but increasingly other areas are grazed by both cattle and Konic ponies. The reserve forms the core area of the National Trust’s Wicken Vision which is a landscape project aimed at creating over 400 ha of fenland from arable land around the NNR.

Further information about the NNR, its wildlife and how to visit can be found on the National Trustexternal link website.

Contact information

Chris Soans
National Trust
Wicken Fen
Lode Lane,

Tel: 01353 720274

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