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Lindisfarne NNR

On the edge of Britain land and water meet. Tidal mudflats, saltmarshes and dunes combine to create a place which is home to fascinating plants and to a food supply that attracts bird visitors from thousands of miles away.

Holy Island Sands

County: Northumberland

Main habitats: Coastal

Area: 3541 ha

The Reserve protects a long stretch of coast, including the dunes of Holy Island. Natural England works to ensure that the birds and plants of the area continue to survive in harmony with each other and the people who live and visit here.

Main habitats: Lindisfarne covers a mosaic of internationally important coastal habitats, including intertidal mudflats, rocky shore, sand dunes and saltmarsh.

Why visit: At Lindisfarne experience a sense of wilderness and tranquillity with its wide expansive sandy beaches, big skies and the ever present, ever changing North Sea. Along with the fabulous summer dune flowers and huge influx of visiting birds every autumn and winter, there’s always something to see. Get the island experience as the Reserve also encompasses parts of Holy Island, which can only be reached at low tide across the causeway.

Star Species: Every autumn the skies fill will migratory birds escaping the cold arctic winters. Amongst them are the light bellied brent geese who travel from Svarlbard with their young families to feed on the rich mudflats, this is their only regular wintering site in Britain, accommodating 40% of the world population.


Pirri-pirri bur: (102kb)pdf document is a non-native plant which has colonised large areas of duneland. It can be a problem as they cling to clothing and fur; please be careful not to spread it to other sites. Refer to on-site signage for more information.

Dogs on the reserve

Dogs are required to be kept on a short lead or at heel at all times.

Holy Island Partnership

The Holy Island Partnershipexternal link was formed in 2009 by the local community and organisations operating on the island. It seeks solutions to island issues and develops projects which help guide its future management and secure the islands rich historic, cultural and environmental diversity. Natural England is a partner.

Further information

To see what is happening on Lindisfarne NNR, have a look at our blogexternal link.

For more information about the reserve, guided walks or volunteering please contact the reserve base on 01289 381470.