Natural England - Ashford Hill NNR

Ashford Hill NNR

Ashford Hill NNR consists of a series of low-lying meadows in the valley of a small stream.

Ashford Hill NNR - Chris Gomersall/Natural England

County: Hampshire

Main habitats: Lowland Grassland

Area: 23 Ha

The meadows have been traditionally managed by grazing and hay-cutting with little, or no, use of fertilisers.

Water violet and marsh stitchwort can be found in the permanently waterlogged areas of site, while drier sections support populations of Dyer's greenweed and large thyme.

Anthills created by the yellow meadow ant can be seen in drier areas of the reserve. Thirty-two species of butterfly have been recorded at the site, including the purple emperor and five species of fritillary.

Location and access

The NNR is adjacent to the village of Ashford Hill on the B3051, mid-way between the towns of Kingsclere (on the A339) and Tadley (on the A340). The site is accessed via a footpath from the B3051.

The nearest train stations are at Newburyexternal link, 10 km to the north west and Basingstokeexternal link, 10 km to the south east.

The B3051 connects Kingsclere and Tadley and a local bus service on this road passes the NNR.

The reserve can be visited at any time of the year; however, it often floods so access can be difficult in wet weather.


The nearest toilets and refreshments are in local villages. There are signs on-site and leaflets are available.

Further information

For further information regarding this site please telephone 0300 060 6000 and ask to speak to the Reserve Manager.