Natural England - Lakes to Dales Landscape Designation Project

Lakes to Dales Landscape Designation Project

Natural England proposed designating land between the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks in 2009 and carried out two public consultations leading to a decision in September 2011 that the National Parks should be extended. On 17 January 2012 its Chair and Chief Executive signed Orders which, if confirmed, would vary the boundaries of the National Parks.

Copies of the 2012 Orders, maps and boundary descriptions were placed ‘on deposit’ for public inspection between 30 January and 16 March 2012 at a wide range of venues and were available for download online. The deposit period provided an opportunity for anyone wishing to do so to make written representations (objecting to, supporting or suggesting amendments to the 2012 Orders), to the Secretary of State, stating the grounds.  

Objections and representations were received by Defra from relevant local authorities as well as a range of other people and organisations. As a result, on 29 January 2013, a Ministerial Statementexternal link was issued convening a Public Inquiry and an Inspector was appointed to hear representations to the 2012 Orders. It is a statutory requirement that a Public Inquiry is held if at least one local authority with land in a proposed extension raises an objection to a relevant variation order.

The Public Inquiry took place during June 2013, the inspector has now submitted his report to Defra, and the Secretary of State is currently considering the Inspector’s report and recommendations pending his decision.

Full details on how to download the Orders can be found on the Lakes to Dales consultation page.

Further information on the project is available on the following pages:

Consultation - information on the ‘deposit period’ and the two consultations.
Background - summary of what has happened on this project so far.
Maps - downloadable maps of the proposed boundaries and links to interactive maps and GIS data.
Documents - all publications produced for this project

What happens next

Once the Secretary of State has reached a decision on whether or not to confirm the 2012 Orders, an announcement will be made and details will be made available here.

How to contact us

Telephone: 0300 060 2178
Write to: Lakes to Dales Landscape Designation Project, Natural England, Bridgewater House, 60 Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 6LT
David Vose, Project Manager - Tel: 07900 608492, Email: