Natural England - European heathlands

European heathlands

Heathlands are a distinctive feature of the western European landscape.

Cabo Pena coastal heath, Spain

They are characterised by ericaceous dwarf shrubs together with their associated flora and fauna.

Heathlands are highly treasured for a variety of reasons. These include their aesthetic appeal, their value as cultural landscapes and historical associations, their characteristic and frequently endangered biodiversity and their importance as subjects for ecological study and research.

The European Heathland Network has been established to enable all persons involved or interested in heathland ecological research, conservation of wildlife, and in policy formulation and implementation in relation to European heathlands:

  • to meet,
  • to stimulate discussion,
  • to promote communication,
  • to further the understanding and conservation of heathland ecosystems and
  • to disseminate information as widely as possible.

14th European Heathland Network Workshop 2015

The 14th European Heathland Network Workshop will take place in Poland over 21-27 June 2015 and will be organised by the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.

For full information about this forthcoming meeting, visit the Workshop websiteexternal link.