Natural England - Reducing Natural England’s carbon footprint

Reducing Natural England’s carbon footprint

Natural England is working to reduce its operational carbon emissions by 50 per cent by the end of 2010. We will measure our progress against our 2007 baseline of just under 6700 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

This baseline is made up of one-third business travel and two-thirds energy use by our buildings and land management. In doing this we will also demonstrate both good value for money and an improvement in our level of customer service. We will not offset our emissions nor pass on the carbon burden to our customers, suppliers or staff.

Carbon reduction initiatives

Natural England has instigated a range of projects to ensure that we will meet our target. For example, we have implemented a Green Travel Policy that places an emphasis on reducing the need to travel before considering sustainable travel options.

We have also put in place a programme to support staff with the largest carbon footprints as well as team carbon reduction plans to ensure we meet our target. We have been working closely with Defra and other partners in improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and land management, particularly through the installation of voltage optimisation systems and automatic meter readings, but also innovative solutions, such as biomass boilers.

By December 2008 we had reduced our emissions by 11 per cent against our baseline.