Natural England - 3. What are our priorities and how we are doing

3. What are our priorities and how we are doing

Strategy and performance information such as: Corporate plans, Business plans, Departmental plans at all levels, Organisational & departmental performance reviews including Gateway reviews, Inspection reports, impact assessments, service standards, progress reports & statistics.

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  • Subject: Delivery Framework
    Description: The purpose of this Delivery Framework is to set out what we will achieve for the natural environment over the period to 2020. It updates and replaces our Strategic Direction 2008-2013. 
    Availability: A copy of the Delivery Frameworkexternal link is available on our Publications Catalogue.

  • Subject: Corporate plan
    Description: Describes what Natural England plans to do and how it will deliver the outcomes set out in the Strategic Direction, covering a three year period.
    Availability: A copy of the Corporate Planexternal link is available on our Publications Catalogue.

  • Subject: Annual Report
    Description: Describes Natural England’s achievements and performance over each year.
    Availability: A copy of the current Annual Reportexternal link is available on our Publications Catalogue.

  • Subject: Annual Review
    Description: The Annual Review is no longer produced. It used to set out what we had achieved in the past year. It was grouped under our four strategic outcomes and features case studies and highlights of our work.
    Availability: The Annual Reviews are available in the corporate section of our Publications Catalogueexternal link.

  • Subject: Internal Audit
    Description: This contains information about Internal Audit and Risk Management process and procedure in Natural England, and terms of reference of the Audit and Risk Management Committee.
    Availability: The Internal Audit: (110kb)pdf document is available on the Natural England website or contact Natural England’s Enquiry Service for a paper copy.

  • Subject: Natural England Campaigns
    Description: A distinctive feature of Natural England’s work will be its role as a campaigning organisation. The scale of our ambition for the natural environment requires the understanding and support of the public and the participation of a wide crosssection of society. To this end we have identified five themes – Breathing Spaces, Climate Change, Health, Marine and Sustainable Land Management - around which we will develop new campaigns. We will be developing and running these five campaigns with a range of partners and will be inviting organisations to join with us to deliver them. These campaigns are central to the delivery of our Strategic Direction.
    Availability: Information on our campaignsexternal link.

  • Subject: Our Manifesto for the Natural Environment
    Description: Our first report on the State of the Natural Environment was published in May 2008. Our Manifesto for the Natural Environment was produced in response to this.
    Availability: Our Manifestoexternal link and the State of the Natural Environmentexternal link reports are available on our Publications Catalogue.

  • Subject: Knowledge Strategy
    Description: The purpose of the Knowledge Strategy is to set out Natural England’s vision, philosophy, broad direction and its current priorities for the management of Natural England’s information across the whole organisation.
    Availability: Please contact Natural England’s Enquiry Service.

  • Subject: Research Strategy
    Description: Information about our strategic research priorities and a timetable for the development of a 'toolkit' of research guidelines, standards and information.
    Availability: Information on our research programmes and science framework are available on the Research and Environmental Advice and Analysis pages on the Natural England website. From here there are links to our science, research and evidence pages and the research and policy reports published by Natural England.

  • Subject: Research Reports
    Description: Research reports are the result of Natural England’s, and its predecessors commissioned research.
    Availability: Details of all Research Reportsexternal link are available on our Publications Catalogue. The website contains the full text of more than 600 reports as pdf files which can be downloaded. For recent reports, a summary Research Information Note is also available. A very small number of reports are not available because they contain information such as names, addresses, sensitive sites or species, and the release of which could substantially increase the likelihood of damage or disturbance.

  • Subject: Report on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) condition
    Description: The Government has set a Public Service Agreement (PSA) target that 95% of SSSI land should be in favourable or recovering condition by 2010. We produce reports report’s that show the condition of SSSIs at a national, regional and county level. A series of reports (Target 2010) about the condition of SSSIs were produced in 2005. These were produced on both a National and Regional level.
    Availability: These reports are available on the SSSI pages on the Natural England website. The full series of Target 2010 reportsexternal link are available in the SSSI section of our Publications Catalogue.

  • Subject: Geological Conservation
    Description: The geology of England is spectacular, diverse and of great importance in the historical and continued development of geological science. At the heart of Natural England's remit is the conservation of our geological heritage for future generations, not only for research, but for education and enjoyment by all.
    Availability: Information on geology and geological conservation, local geological action plans, a search facility to locate geological protected sites and all our geological publications and reports are available on the Natural England website. Alternatively contact the Natural England Enquiry Service.

  • Subject: Natural Areas
    Description: Natural England's vision is to sustain and improve the wildlife and natural features of England for everyone. We have examined the local distinctiveness of each part of England and identified its characteristic wildlife and natural features. From this information we have defined a comprehensive series of Natural Areas, each with nature conservation objectives. The achievement of these objectives is a key part of our strategy Beyond 2000.
    Availability: Summaries of each Natural Area and the nature conservation objectives along with each of their full profiles are available from the Natural England website on our Natural Area pages.

  • Subject: Survey Results
    Description: Results of surveys which are carried out on a regular basis.
    Availability: Contact Natural England’s Enquiry Service.

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