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Our approach to expenses, staff remuneration and details of expenses claimed by Chair, Board Members, Chief Executive and Executive Directors.

Members of the Natural England Board and staff are reimbursed for the costs they incur when travelling on the behalf of the organisation’s business, including training courses. The costs covered include accommodation, subsistence (including meals and refreshments) and travel.

Natural England is a national environmental organisation with a head office in Sheffield. We recognise that many of our people need to travel as part of everyday business to ensure that our ambitious corporate plan targets are delivered. We use the most appropriate method of travel which takes into consideration sustainability, convenience and efficiency (for the individual and Natural England) and the cost to the organisation.

We promote a greener working environment in the office and we have sustainable travel policies, including minimising the number of flights taken on behalf of the organisation, to ensure that we are actively pursuing reductions in the carbon emissions arising from our travel behaviours. In 2011 Natural England completed a four year programme to halve its carbon emissions.

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